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Seminars/CPD for practitioners 2017

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Auriculotherapy: A Weekend Workshop with Jim Chalmers

Auriculotherapy workshop at the Northern College of Acupuncture in York, led by Jim Chalmers

Hands-on – developing the practical skills needed to master the art

Date(s):  Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th April 2017 - 9:30am - 5:30pm both days

Price(s): Early bird booking until 27th March -  £150. Full price £200 from 28th March 2017


Auriculotherapy is transformative. It allows your patients to heal, not just physically but emotionally and spiritually. It facilitates change.”


You will learn:

• The Key to successful Clinical Outcomes using powerful Auriculotherapy protocols.

• How to devise individual treatments for each patient.

• Auriculo- Point hierarchy

• How to clear obstacles to healing.

Jim has run this seminar at the NCA every year in recent years and has had excellent feedback – about his giftedness as a teacher; about the depth and the range of the material he’s shared and about people feeling empowered to take the techniques straight into practice. So we’re delighted that he’s returning to offer another chance to learn how to use this powerful modality to really enhance your treatment outcomes.  Efficient, easy and comfortable for your patient, this approach can quickly change your practice for the better.  It's easy to learn and seamlessly integrate into your current TCM practice.  It can also be used as a highly effective first-line therapy.


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Advanced Auriculotherapy: An Introduction to Auriculomedicine

Advanced Auriculotherapy workshop at the Northern College of Acupuncture in York, led by Jim Chalmers

The Weekend Workshop - with Jim Chalmers

A hands-on workshop exploring new treatment approaches using Nogier's colour filters and frequencies for diagnosis and treatment

Date(s): Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th May 2017 - 9:30am - 5:00pm both days

Price(s): Early bird booking until 2nd May £150. Full price £200 from 3rd May 2017

This workshop will open your eyes to another world of auriculotherapy skills. You may already have been amazed by the effectiveness of auriculo - see how much more there is to learn

Seminar Content

Review of basic training:


• Laterality

• Phases

• Scars

• Nogier's Vector treatments and Nogier's Geometry. Treat non-responding conditions and minimise needle use.

• Locating the Source Point.

• Colour Filters - Cutaneous photo-perception and the application of Nogier's 7 frequencies (colours) in diagnosis and treatment.

• Using colour filters to confirm handedness (laterality) First Rib syndrome and toxic scars.

• Using Filters to determine the Phase presentation of a presenting condition - acute, chronic, degenerative - and the location of active points.

• Laser treatment using LL infra-red laser pulsed at Nogier frequencies.

• Parasitic frequencies their consequences, detection and treatment.

• Detection of food sensitivities and their treatment.

• Learn to use organ tissue filters to identify organ or tissue specific pathology and the location of related active auricular points.


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Are you an acupuncturist interested in furthering your career by studying Chinese herbs?

We are offering you the opportunity to spend a day or half day with Cheng Hao Zhou or Eileen Gibbon in our Chinese Herbal Medicine clinic, FREE of charge. Acupuncturists will love experiencing the carefully differentiated TCM diagnosis required for good herbal prescribing, and the chance to observe these highly experienced and knowledgeable practitioners at work, and this can be a good way to decide whether you want to study herbal medicine yourself. If you’re interested, please contact reception via email or 01904 343305


Practitioner Development Modules

Did you know we offer postgraduate level CPD modules to experienced practitioners of Oriental and complementary medicine and nutrition? Delivered entirely online by e-learning, you work in your own time, join in with our lively forum discussions and attend a live video conferencing session each week to discuss your learning with other students. Each module is delivered over 14 weeks (including the assessment period). See which modules are available now to start in March 2017.


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