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Bright futures - acupuncture training

Our students, with their enthusiasm and high level of training, are taking acupuncture out into their communities and beyond, and finding new ways of making it accessible in all parts of the globe.

We love to hear from our graduates about all the interesting ways that they find to practise after completing their training as an acupuncturist, and how their careers as acupuncturists are developing. Some of our graduates have set up their own clinics from scratch, often from their homes. This year we have seen some really beautiful and innovative treatment spaces being developed – including one in York with a sedum roof! A popular way to set up in practice is to rent a room in a multi-disciplinary clinic; our graduates tell us that the interaction with other practitioners is both enjoyable and beneficial to their business.

Running a “multi-bed” clinic, often alongside other practitioners, is a popular way for our graduates to provide low cost acupuncture within their communities. Some of our graduates also work within the NHS, and palliative care in a hospice is just one of the many ways they are helping people with acupuncture.

We also hear from our graduates who have been working abroad. Some have re-located to other countries such as Poland, Canada, Australia and the USA. Some have been taking time out for further studies in China. We are proud of the many graduates who travel abroad as part of charitable causes, providing acupuncture in poorer regions of the world such as India, Nepal and Vietnam. This year several students who have been abroad have come into College to talk about their experience and this has been inspirational for students and staff.

Being a professional acupuncturist with a degree opens doors and opportunities in the UK, Europe and out into the world.


Hear what our NCA graduates have had to say from their trips around the worldHi all at NCA,

Greetings from Namo Buddha which is a remote Buddhist monastery high in the Eastern Nepalese Himalayas. I am here to help the people in the area with acupuncture and to train a selected group of monks in acupressure for knee problems. I am having an amazing and challenging time – treating up to 60 patients a day in a “multi-bed” clinic. I can’t believe how different it is from my practice at home! The highlight so far is being taught by the Tibetan Llama Llodr who has over 50 years’ experience of acupuncture in this amazing area. It has also been great to be occasionally working alongside fellow NCA graduates who are visiting. Looking forward to telling you all about it.
Wish you were here,



Hear what our NCA graduates have had to say from their trips around the worldHi everyone,

I am volunteering for the UK charity “World Medicine” in Gujarat, a remote part of India – with few medical facilities. We are here not only to treat patients, but to pilot an auricular (ear) acupuncture protocol to be taught to a local team to continue our work. As the treatments are all free we are able to treat the patients regularly - averaging a treatment every 2 or 3 days- daily on the auricular protocol. We are having some incredible successes! The romantic in me likes to think this would have been the type of environment in which acupuncture was originally developed and used, with patients living a simple uncomplicated lifestyle. This is the most inspirational thing that I have ever done and looking forward to coming back.



Hear what our NCA graduates have had to say from their trips around the worldHello all at NCA,

All is well here in Australia and we are loving the life! Nic still works for Ford in Geelong and I am still at City Health as a receptionist and have 'miraculously' landed a position as an acupuncturist - yes, they do somehow exist. So now I also work for Prickle Community Acupuncture in Richmond - great place, great team & great way of working. Acupuncture Accreditation via AHPRA/Chinese Medicine Board of Australia was smooth but trying to become a member of an acupuncture association in order to obtain a provider number (for private health insurance claims - very popular over here) took quite a bit longer! In the end I went with a small association and everything is in place – so onwards and upwards down under!
Best wishes to you all,



Hear what our NCA graduates have had to say from their trips around the worldDearest all you lovely tutors, supervisors, mentors, peers and other amazing people at the NCA,

Here is a little mail filled with love and thanks all the way from Nepal. We are having the most amazing experience here seeing 20-30 patients each day - who’d have thought it! With that come m any struggles and challenges that we never envisioned. We have witnessed patients with severe, life threatening illnesses where the only help we can provide is a caring hand or assistance pushing through the intricate healthcare system. It’s truly an emotional roller-coaster but the people are so amazing. They are what keep us going day to day. So thank you to all of you who have helped us on this journey and supported us with your knowledge and wisdom this past 3 years – we are so grateful and can’t wait to share our stories on our return.
Kim and Rachel xxx



Hear what our NCA graduates have had to say from their trips around the worldHi everyone,

We are really enjoying our time here at the Apricot Forest Hospital in the Anhui district of China. The private hospital is nestled in the foothills of the Yellow Mountains and is devoted solely to the practice of pre-Cultural Revolution classical Chinese medicine. The purpose of our trip is to explore the full spectrum of classical Chinese Medicine and see how it is practised differently here. What we love the most about it is having the chance to experience and see the truly traditional ways of practising ancient Chinese medicine. In the future we plan to buy some land and build a clinic in nature in our country of choice and in the meantime we will continue to learn and study all aspects of Chinese medicine.
Love from,
Lawrence and Ferne