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BSc (Hons) and MSc in Acupuncture courses (weekend and weekday) – our next courses begin in October 2017. Eligible students can apply now for a student loan for our BSc in Acupuncture.

Supporting our students

How we support our acupuncture students during their studies

Acupuncture student Kristen talks about the support she has had in the teaching clinic

Acupuncture student Kristen talks about the support she has had in the teaching clinic.


As a College we take pride in our friendly and personal approach and we will provide you with high levels of support.

Support during your training

We are committed to supporting you to succeed in completing our acupuncture courses. When you start you will be allocated a personal tutor who will give support and advice throughout your training. Together you write a personal development plan which helps you to identify any support you may need during your time with us, and you will meet regularly to discuss your learning and your development as a practitioner. If you need additional one-to-one input we have dedicated learning support tutors and a counselling service. There are also regular classroom sessions on the skills you need to enjoy your studies and to succeed in your assessments. Our Course Director is responsible for pastoral welfare for acupuncture students and, if you are struggling, you can talk to her or your personal tutor. All our staff are supportive and willing to help and our doors are always open. You will find your fellow students an important source of mutual support and our cohorts form strong bonds of friendship throughout their three years in College and beyond. Our acupuncture training courses can be demanding - but we help you to get the best from us and us from you!

What our students say:

rachel hardiman

Bryony Griffiths – graduate

"Going back into education after 7 or so years is very daunting and I did throw a fair few wobbles in my first year due to lack of confidence and personal circumstances. Amy showed me some great support when I telephoned her and she set me up with the College counsellor which really helped! It was great to know I was not the only one feeling these insecurities."

rachel hardiman

Nagib Afilal – student

"Last year, due to work commitments, I had a stressful time. Lara was able to ease my worries and helped me see a way forward clearly. My messages are always responded to without delay. Lara gave me all the information I needed to help me make the right decisions. She is a real asset to the College."

Assistance and support for students with dyslexia

If you need to have a dyslexia assessment we will pay up to £200, which is most of the cost of the assessment if arranged via College with a local assessment company. You will not receive this as a separate payment, but it will be deducted from your course fees. Once you have had your assessment you may receive financial help from the government that enables you to purchase learning aids such as software. Some people also receive funding for extra study help from a specialised dyslexia support tutor. We will support you during your studies, particularly with access to one to one sessions with our learning support tutors. Markers will make allowance for your dyslexia when marking your written assignments and for examinations you may have extra time or a scribe, and even the option of taking the exam orally. 





Acupuncture courses student Natalie Horseman talks about studying for her degree at the Nothern College of Acupuncture
Student experience - Natalie Horseman

“After leaving school, I went straight into hairdressing and one of my lecturers pointed out to me that I may be dyslexic but I decided not to do anything about it because of the cost of the assessment. The NCA were great not only for suggesting that I be assessed, but for arranging and paying most of the cost of dyslexia assessment. Following my initial assessment I then had a one to one needs assessment at York University. This resulted in being given some specific software and equipment such as a dictaphone. I was also allocated two hours on how to use the equipment. The dictaphone has been helpful to me as due to the dyslexia my memory is not all that great, and being able to record the sessions really helps me to review my lessons. I also get extra time in exams to finish my work. I have also been awarded a disability allowance. This is extra to my student loan as extra costs to help me succeed on the course. I still struggle with certain areas, but in general I have surprised myself, even with the academic work. The good teaching at the College helps, and the fact that I am really inspired by the course. It is the first time I have been taught something that I want to learn and that makes a big difference.”

Assistance and support for students with disability

We are an accessible College and we work hard to support and accommodate students with disabilities. For example we recently purchased “perching stools” to help our students with mobility difficulties treating patients in clinic. In recent years students have trained with us who have had problems with fatigue, visual impairment and chronic back problems. You may be eligible for a Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) from the government – this will give you some funding to help towards special needs such as transportation, accommodation, equipment etc. To find out more and to apply click on the link below.



pic support5
Student experience - Kristen Remmer

"My disability is a spinal injury which limits my mobility and causes problems with constant chronic pain and nerve damage to my right leg. College access has been brilliant as I am allowed to park in the car park. It’s basically door to door and then within the College there is a lift to access all floors. The staff are very approachable and supportive and always make the time to listen. Richard has been very supportive and helpful as my personal tutor. Lara has always been very helpful too when it has come to looking for materials and books, research and structuring essays, and in addition has been a great personal support and good listener. The College have been very understanding when it’s come to additional time I’ve needed to complete work. A personal plan for my particular circumstances has also been set up to meet the needs of my disability to make things easier. The College bought two RH chairs for use in the clinic rooms and in practical lessons and I have found these seats to be invaluable. I also receive Disabled Students Allowance for support with equipment and travel costs etc.”