Find out when our next nutritional therapy courses start as well as when our next introductory events will be held.


 Our MSc in Nutrition Science and Practice is now full for 2017 and our next course starts in September 2018. The Nutrition Access course  is available from January 2018.

Nutrition Year 1 Weekend Course 2017/18

Year 1 Weekend: Saturday,Sunday

Access course 2017
February onwards – Access Course  e-learning available
5-6 August 2017
2-3 September
MSc course 2017-18
14-15 October
11-12 November
9-10 December
6-7 January 2018

8th Jan Clinic compulsory day

10-11 February
3-4 March
24-25 March
 EASTER 30, 31 March & 1, 2 April 2018
21-22 April
12-13 May
2-3 June


Saturday, Sunday teaching days

Teaching sessions start:

Saturday 10am – 6pm

Sunday 9.30am – 5.30pm

E-learning sessions

Open on Monday morning and remain live for a limited period (usually one or two weeks). Students can choose whether to start on the Monday or later in the live period. The tutor will be on-line periodically during the live period to provide feedback and answer questions. If you are new to e-learning, the college will take you through the process and provide support.

Clinic days

Year 1 there are 6 days to book in clinic.

Please note there is a clinic compulsory day 8th Jan 2018