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Building the modules at a slower pace or taking a single module as CPD

It is possible to take modules individually so that you are building the course at a slower pace, or to take an individual module as CPD.

How does this work?

          Sara Budd - acupuncture practitioner - United Kingdom

Sarah Budd, student on our online MSc courses at the Northern College of Acupuncture

"For me, the flexibility of the online course has made it possible to study for an MSc, both in terms of the ability to study at a time that suits your clinic and family life, but also with location not being an issue. In my year, we are from seven different countries, which is great and I'm learning so much. I have particularly enjoyed the Building Research Skills and Chinese Classics modules and am about to start my dissertation research on Acupuncture and Hyperemesis Gravidarum. The support and commitment from tutors and supervisors has been incredible."

Taking the course at a slower pace

You would enrol on our MSc courses with the University at the beginning of your studies and pay the enrolment fee annually for the first two years. You would spread the first four modules over three or four years and build your credits as you go along.

Taking individual modules as CPD

Alternatively you can enrol for one particular module and pay the fee for that module. You would be given access to the module for the duration of the module and to the end of the academic year. You can do up to three individual modules in this way. If you then decide to enrol with the University for the MSc you will pay the first year of the enrolment fee at the same time as the fee for your fourth module, and the second year of the enrolment fee at the same time as the dissertation fee. At the end of each module you will receive a College transcript confirming your attendance and your marks in the summative assessment(s). If you later enrol with the University, the modules you have already completed will be given credit as part of the MSc.

For both of these options:

  • See entry requirements below.
  • You will be expected to submit all the assignments including the formative assignments that run throughout the module and the summative assignment(s) at the end.
  • You will be expected to participate in the video-conferencing calls which are held at a pre-announced time for the 10 week duration of each module.

Entry requirements

Building the modules at a slower pace or taking a single module

Are the same as for the MSc. You need a first degree or equivalent, and an English language assessment (such as IELTS) if English is not your first language. You also need to be a current practitioner and a full member of a recognised professional body (in your country or province).



Single module pre-requisites

All single modules except “Building Research Skills” assume some specific prior learning.




You will be required to send in an application form and take part in an online interview.